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How video can save time and boost productivity

By Andi Mann, Chief Technology Officer In the aftermath of the global pandemic, a great business debate has ensued. There are questions being asked in boardrooms, conference rooms and living rooms around the world. “Are we going back to the office? Are...

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3 Things CMOs Can Do Today to Attract and Retain Talent in the face of “The Big Quit” 

Last week I was in a wonderful meetup of 50+ B2B CMOs.  As we discussed our biggest learnings from the first half of 2021, the topic of “The Great Resignation” came up.  The talent market for most Marketing roles is white-hot. Through the...

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Five Steps to Maximizing Accessibility, Engagement and Wellness in a Virtual Workplace

In my blog post last week, I introduced Qumu’s new Work from Wherever, Whenever policy – our approach to the hyper-distributed workforce that takes into consideration the need to support, respect and manage employees’ time and...

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Introducing the Next Phase of Remote Work

When Qumu first implemented our “Work from Wherever, Forever” policy, I was aware of the great opportunity for increased employee satisfaction, but also understood that we’d have to be creative about ensuring employees remained fully...

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Nick Ochoa Shares Importance of Qumu's Place on Aragon's Globe for Video Conferencing

  Qumu was recently included in the Aragon Research annual Globe for Video Conferencing for the third straight year. As Qumu remains on the leading edge of enterprise video software, we’re keeping hyper-distributed businesses connected in a work...

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Live Captioning as Part of The Video Experience

As more companies and their employees embrace the virtual workplace, video communication is a more effective, engaging communication method. Businesses and consumers have come to expect reliable live captioning as part of the video experience. Recently,...

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Using Video for Engineering Documentation

Documentation is a huge part of collaboration in software design and development or other forms of engineering. So, what role can video play and how can it be used effectively to augment or even replace traditional forms of documentation? In today’s...

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Holiday Greetings from Qumu!

Happy Holidays! I hope the season brings you joy, and a well-deserved breather from a challenging year! All of us at Qumu are very thankful for the opportunity we truly treasure—helping organizations sustain their global operations and strengthen their...

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Leveraging the Right Mix of Synchronous and Asynchronous Video

Video communications technology has become an essential tool for all companies of all sizes to drive communications, collaboration and productivity. But how do you choose the right video technology at the right time to get the best possible outcome? In...

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Qumu Goes 100% Virtual

As you may have heard, Qumu announced earlier this week that we are officially a ‘Work from Wherever, Forever’ company—immediately closing three worldwide office locations, with all employees continuing to work remotely as they have been since...

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