Hybrid Enterprise Video

Beyond the Cloud: The Case for Hybrid Enterprise Video Deployments

Until recently, hybrid enterprise video implementations were seen as a stepping stone—a logical transition point between an on premise deployment and a full, cloud-based environment. But thanks to advancements in intelligent streaming technology, hybrid...

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FAQs About Qumu Cloud Free Trial

Commonly Asked Questions About the Qumu Cloud Free Trial—Part 2 of 2

This is the second half of a two-part article on questions companies ask about the Qumu Cloud Free Trial. If you missed Part 1, make sure you check it out first. In today’s cloud-based, Software as a Service-driven world, free trials are a common way...

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FAQs on Qumu Cloud Free Trial

Commonly Asked Questions About the Qumu Cloud Free Trial — Part 1 of 2

In today’s cloud-based, Software as a Service-driven world, free trials are a common way for companies to test technologies in a relatively risk-free environment. But with many free trials offering limited functionality, throttled-down feature sets and...

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Takeaways from Frost & Sullivan Enterprise Video Report

Takeaways from the 2018 Frost & Sullivan Enterprise Video Platforms Report

As many of you know, Frost & Sullivan recently published its 2018 Best Practices Report for Global Enterprise Video Platforms Competitive Strategy, Innovation and Leadership. This report provided vital insights into the evolution and future of video...

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The Qumu WebRTC Extension and Enterprise Video: An Overview

As many of you know, WebRTC (Web-based Real Time Communication) is not a new concept. Initially released in 2011, the purpose of WebRTC is to allow rich media like audio and video to be shared between browsers,...

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Cloud vs on-premise video solutions. How do you choose?

How do you see on-premise, cloud and hybrid solutions evolving for enterprise video? We put that question to Steve Vonder Haar of Wainhouse Research who says we’re in a state of transition and companies want a choice. In fact, he believes that cloud...

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Make sure your video Cloud is grounded in your business reality

With all the hype about Cloud in the market today, it's easy to picture Cloud platforms as ethereal solutions magically floating out there somewhere in the world, solving your business challenges without ever touching the ground.

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Qumu, Elemental and Wainhouse Webcast

We recently announced a partnership with Elemental Technologies that will take live video webcasting to the next level with the Qumu Live Encoder. Now Qumu and Elemental are bringing in the experts. Join us on November 12, 2015 at 1PM Central as we...

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The future of online video delivery

  Note: This information has been updated. For the latest, check out this new page on enterprise video delivery or this data sheet on Qumu’s Pathfinder intelligent video delivery platform. Thanks! If you’re reading this you most likely...

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What do we do with all this video data?

You may have heard about police body cameras. Cities around the United States are deploying uniform-mounted cameras on police officers to gain more information about crime scenes and police interactions with the public. In Birmingham, Alabama, the police...

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