1 video platform for video streaming.

25 lines of business using the platform.

Remote teams can collaborate globally.

67,000+ audience.

As a company that has long been at the forefront of using video communications, from videoconferencing to webcasting, Vodafone was constantly on the lookout for ways to improve video in their organization. Not only were there too many siloed and fragmented video solutions within their organization, but their legacy webcasting solutions only allowed for 4% of their employee base to watch executive webcasts. Using Qumu they have been able to consolidate their video streaming and live webcasting onto one fully featured platform and reach an audience consisting of 67,000 of their 90,000 employees concurrently.

“Some companies are good at the video streaming aspect but don’t do live so well and there are others that do live video but don’t do the video portal so well. Qumu was the one solution that we looked at that not only did the on-demand video portal experience so well, but also did the live broadcasting aspect of it really well and has a real hunger to innovate and be more at the cutting edge of the industry.”  Andy Marczak, Vodafone

Vodafone Case Study