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A successful independent law firm in the UK serves major international organizations, publicly traded companies, small businesses, and individuals. Their objective was to reach existing and potential clients with educational and thought leadership content. This initiative became even more important with the onset of COVID-19, as clients needed help understanding the legal implications of the pandemic on business.

The ease and familiarity of Zoom, coupled with Qumu, powers the communication well beyond the conference call.

The Qumu Solution

Like many companies, the law firm started leveraging Zoom heavily to communicate with existing and potential clients. They quickly found themselves buried in a huge volume of recorded sessions without a viable management and delivery solution. While Zoom was adequate for recording one-off conference calls, the law firm needed a way to securely manage and search these confidential calls, as well as efficiently serve up education and learning content. By combining the ease and familiarity of Zoom with the supercharged user experience of Qumu, the law firm was able to create an optimal user experience and extend the value of their content well beyond the conference call.

External communications:

Legal teams leveraged Zoom to quickly shift from in-person client meetings to easily create and record video conference calls. The seamless Qumu integration greatly extended the value of a stand-alone Zoom solution by enabling secure archiving, including the categorization of large volumes of content by playlists. Users could determine which calls to record automatically to a central repository or web portal without time wasted waiting for uploads to complete. The firm created pre-and-post-roll video templates to add standardized legal disclaimers and brand content. Sophisticated search capabilities provided the ability to find content not only by user, date, and metadata tags, but accurate Speech Search enabled the team to jump straight to specific timestamps within recorded meetings by keyword, topic, or other spoken comment.

Quickly add, update and distribute content, on pace with change, while providing a uniquely elevated user experience.

Education and learning:

By leveraging robust portal capabilities in the Qumu Video Engagement Platform, the firm implemented a crisis communications hub on their website – a strong, branded user experience that seamlessly integrated with their site’s navigation and design. To keep pace with the quickly evolving environment, the team could quickly add, update, and distribute video content recorded on Zoom to their education hub while providing a uniquely elevated user experience with search, automated transcription, chapterized video content, integrated links to supporting resources, contact cards, and sharing functionality. Comprehensive analytics provided insight into consumption and performance, giving the law firm the ability to make informed, real-time decisions to optimize their content strategy.


Delivering the best client experience is a cornerstone to the law firm’s culture. With the creation of the COVID-19 Hub, the law firm helped existing and potential clients manage the impact of the pandemic and quickly respond to change – solidifying the firm as a trusted advisor and thought leader in the minds of their clients.

Through the combination of Zoom and Qumu, the law firm was able to double the value of these powerful solutions. Not only were they able to effectively meet archival and security requirements for external communications, but they also quickly delivered valuable education and learning content through crisis communications to their clients and prospects.