350+ webcasts per year.

One consistent global video platform.

Live engagement with audience.

“When your business is spread out over 180 countries around the world, you need a way to connect with every employee. Using Qumu and live webcasting, Dow reaches over 53,000 employees and gets their feedback in the process.”  Chris Duncan, Dow Chemical

From construction to medicine, transportation to food, Dow Chemical has been providing chemical, plastic and agricultural products to consumer markets for over 100 years. By staying at the forefront of technological advances, Dow has expanded their business to 53,000 employees in 180 countries around the world. To connect all of these employees, Dow implemented a webcasting platform that enabled them to not only reach targeted audiences in a live setting, but also to get feedback from their viewers in real time. Putting on over 350 webcasts per year, Dow is now able to engage their global internal audiences and enable instant and ongoing communication.

“Our webcasting platform, enabled by Qumu, has enabled us to start targeting the information that our end users really need.”  Chris Duncan, Dow Chemical