19 UK locations participated remotely.

13 countries attended events.

1500+ people per event.

5 languages broadcast.

As the UK’s largest insurance company, Aviva faced a challenge familiar to many large corporations—communicating corporate strategy to employees across 13 countries in 5 different languages.

With over 30,000 employees around the globe, and a new strategy to convey, the approach needed to be simple and scalable. The goal: to foster engagement while helping employees understand the company’s strategy and purpose and how they fit into it.

The company chose Qumu’s enterprise video solution because it allowed Aviva to easily conduct large-scale strategy events—which the company calls ‘Big Koru Live’—highly interactive two-way conversations between executives and their global team.

“Qumu has given our team the ability to interact and communicate with our people in a more meaningful way.”

But is it effective? Aviva measured employee understanding of their strategy and found that more than 69% of employees better understand what the company priorities mean to them. The company now holds approximately 20 town hall and other events per year. And use cases are growing as employees use the enterprise video platform to create and share content with their global colleagues.

“I really enjoyed the Big Koru Live and it was great to see the support that our leadership team are giving us. I think this has pushed me to believe 100% that we can achieve our digital strategy after seeing how confident Mark, Andrew, Chris and Blair were. Overall, I’m really happy to be a part of Aviva.”

~20 ‘Big Koru Live’ events every year, hosted by the CEO & executives and streamed across Aviva.

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