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What is Smart Video?

If companies are going to embrace a "work from wherever, whenever" position, they will also have to embrace video as a tool to inform and engage. Video needs to be much more than a replacement for the conference room. It must add value to how we work. In...

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Holiday Greetings from Qumu!

Happy Holidays! I hope the season brings you joy, and a well-deserved breather from a challenging year! All of us at Qumu are very thankful for the opportunity we truly treasure—helping organizations sustain their global operations and strengthen their...

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Qumu Goes 100% Virtual

As you may have heard, Qumu announced earlier this week that we are officially a ‘Work from Wherever, Forever’ company—immediately closing three worldwide office locations, with all employees continuing to work remotely as they have been since...

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Are Virtual Events Here to Stay?

As the COVID-19 virus rages on and we all look forward to 2020 coming to an end, I’m doing my best to also think about what is ahead of us. In today’s video blog I wanted to talk about a dramatic transformation that’s under way—the shift...

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This Year's Holiday Message May Be Your Most Important.

With Thanksgiving week underway in the U.S., I want to take a minute in this video blog to suggest a way for you to personally connect with your team this holiday season without giving up important time with family. I also share my own reflections on this...

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Is Remote Work the Office of the Future?

In this week’s video blog, I discuss how the global pandemic, in direct contrast to all of its upheaval, has forced upon us a new remote work reality that is actually driving up productivity in many organizations.1 How can leaders take advantage of...

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Asynchronous Communications with video

Using Asynchronous (on Demand) Video to Lead Your Remote Team

  In today’s video blog, I discuss the value of asynchronous video communication—commonly referred to as Video on Demand (VOD). Video on demand is quickly becoming a critical communication and engagement channel for both team and organizational...

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Video First: An Executive Approach to Brief Yet Impactful Messaging

I’ve had a lot of executives in my circle ask me to explain myself when I refer to Qumu as a “video-first” company. When responding, sometimes I find it easier to begin with what video-first doesn’t mean. For starters, video-first companies do not...

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Work from home long term

How Business Leaders Can Make Work-From-Home Successful in the Long Term

As the pandemic continues to require office shutdowns and work-at-home mandates, the business community is entering a unique phase of what everyone has been referring to as the “new normal”—transitioning from wondering when we’ll all go back to...

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CEO Face Time

The CEO’s Next Dilemma: Replacing Face Time in the Office

The COVID-19 pandemic and new global realities of restricted travel and closed offices has given engaged CEOs yet another problem to solve. How does a remote-working leader maintain a leadership presence among staff and executive team members without a...

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