The Issue

With a high number of people working from home, audio conferencing services are being overwhelmed with traffic. Not only are call quality and reliability dropping significantly, but prices are escalating at previously unheard of rates. In fact, it is not uncommon for organizations to pay $1,500 or more for a basic, 2-hour conference call with 125 attendees.

The Solution
If an organization is attempting to communicate to a large number of employees via audio at one time—say 100 or more—the Qumu Cloud platform can be used to stream the call at a significantly lower cost. In addition, all calls can be recorded as audio-on-demand assets, and made available to invitees who are not available to attend the live event.

The Upgrades
In addition to significant cost savings at scale, using Qumu Cloud to stream audio calls offers enterprises access to engagement and accessibility features that traditional conferencing systems cannot match. These features include slide sharing, live participant polling, and translation of audio tracks into over 50 languages.

Organizations can now leverage Qumu Cloud for large-scale audio streaming at significantly lower cost than traditional audio conferencing.

Commonly Asked Questions

Is audio streaming with Qumu Cloud truly less expensive?

Yes. Depending upon the number of attendees, it is not uncommon for enterprises to experience a cost savings of anywhere from 50% to 80% per call over traditional audio conferencing.

Are there capacity limitations with Qumu Cloud for audio streaming?

No. Much like our video streaming capabilities, Qumu Cloud can be used to stream audio for thousands, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of concurrent listeners.

What are the ideal scenarios for using Qumu Cloud to stream audio?

Cost savings begin when calls exceed around 125 listeners. But maximum ROI will be achieved when there are audiences over 1,000 participants—or audiences that include multi-country participants or a high percentage of at-home workers.

What other benefits might I incur?

In addition to what is noted above, using Qumu Cloud to stream audio calls will also allow organizations access to things like enterprise-level security, moderated Q&A, slide sharing and support for literally any browser-based end-user device—as well as customized portals where recorded calls can be stored, indexed and distributed as on demand assets.

How do I start saving money using Qumu Cloud to stream audio calls?

You can contact an expert via the Contact Us Form on our website, or call Qumu directly at the numbers below. We can have your Qumu Cloud instance, as well as your customized portal, up and running in a day or two.

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Boost productivity.

Maximize both reach and engagement by distributing recorded meeting assets.

Increase reach.

Stream live and on demand calls to tens of thousands of participants, on any device.

Build a repository.

Record live streamed calls for posting on internal social & collaboration portals.

Save time and money.

Run large-scale live audio events across the globe, without assistance from IT.

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