#1: The Aragon Research Globe for Enterprise Video (2021)

This 30-pageĀ report fromĀ Aragon Research covers:

  1. Enterprise Video’s role in the digital enterprise
  2. Employee and customer engagement in the remote work era
  3. Critical evaluation of 15 vendors in the EV space
  4. The dimensions of analysis and Globe ranking criteria
  5. Vendor placements

#2: Gartner Market Guide for Enterprise Video Content Management (2020)

This report from Gartner covers:

  • An Enterprise Video market overview
  • Market direction and analysis
  • Full profiles on 13 EVCM vendors
  • Target markets and use cases
  • Vendor pricing models
  • Buyer recommendations
  • And more

#3: The Aragon Research Globe for Video Conferencing (2021)

This 36-page report from Aragon Research covers:

  1. The current state of Video Conferencing technology
  2. An overview of Intelligent Video and Intelligent Analytics
  3. Critical evaluation of 19 vendors in the VC space
  4. The Dimensions of Analysis and Ranking criteria
  5. Vendor placements

#4: The Wainhouse Investing in Corporate Video Technology Report + Survey (2019/2020)

This 16-page report includes survey results and forward-looking industry analysis, and covers:

  • Video and Data Security
  • Storage and Search
  • Use Case Flexibility
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Hybrid Deployments
  • Conferencing v. Streaming
  • Collaboration / Social Business
  • And more!

#5: The Frost & Sullivan Global Enterprise Video Platforms Report (2018)

This 2018 report from Frost & Sullivan covers:

  1. All ten (10) industry vendor benchmarking criteria
  2. A review of Qumu in four areas: Growth Strategy, Competitive Differentiation, Purchase Experience & Brand Equity
  3. Frost & Sullivan’s final Decision Support Scorecard
  4. A detailed overview of Frost & Sullivan’s research process
  5. And more!

#6: The Wainhouse Value of Video Conferencing in the Enterprise Report (2018)

Why is adoption of video-enabling technology skyrocketing? Video conferencing has introduced executives across the globe to the power of rich media communication. This whitepaper covers:

  1. The evolution of Enterprise Video
  2. Merging the worlds of Video Conferencing and Streaming
  3. Extending the reach of live meetings
  4. Distributing video to mobile
  5. Key research findings
  6. And more!

#7: The Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Video Content Management (2018)

This 20-page report from Gartner covers:

  1. An EV market overview
  2. Full quadrant descriptions
  3. Vendor evaluation criteria
  4. Include and exclude criteria
  5. Final placements for all 13 covered vendors