Built on our market-leading Qumu Video Engagement Platform, Qumu Advanced Analytics enables clients to optimize resources and infrastructure by collecting, analyzing and visually displaying real-time network and usage data. It also provides organizations with real-time visibility into employee engagement and the overall end-user experience, for both live streaming video and video on demand (VOD). Qumu Advanced Analytics generates actionable business insights at both the network and individual user level, and provides immediate visibility on the performance of video events to IT staff, business leaders and communications teams.

“Being able to understand what is happening in a video feed in real-time means that enterprises will be able to predict activities and then react in real-time . . . the use cases for video analytics are still evolving, and this is a space to watch closely.”
Aragon Research, The Aragon Research Globe for Web and Video Conferencing, 2019

The Components of Advanced Video Analytics

When it comes to Global 2000 organizations, the comprehensive measurement of enterprise video assets—and reporting of their impact on both internal networks and end users—is a relatively new and rapidly changing concept. At its basic level, a standard video analytics package can provide things like high-level viewer insights and baseline system performance data. But today’s video-first organizations are demanding data to make critical, real-time decisions related to network infrastructure and user engagement, and Qumu provides this ability to its Enterprise Video customers in two forms:

  • Analytics for Network Health (sample image) – Qumu Advanced Analytics allows infrastructure teams to visualize the entire network as it pertains to both performance and video delivery, allowing IT leaders to diagnose and improve the end user experience as live and on demand video is being delivered. Real-time analytics and alerts are available for bitrate consumption, failover, buffering time, failed player loads and latency—and filterable in dozens of configurations including by browser type, browser version, operating system type, device type, country code, content type, URL and more.
  • Analytics for User Engagement (sample image) – Qumu Advanced Analytics enables communication professionals, content developers and HR teams to access critical information related to when, where and how their audiences are engaging with video content. Real-time analytics and alerts are available for views, unique views, average viewing time, minutes viewed and content type—and filterable in dozens of configurations including by team, office location, browser, operating system, device type, country, content type and more.

In addition to the above, Qumu Advanced Analytics can be filtered and viewed across multiple presentations and events, set to refresh in real-time anywhere from 5 seconds to 30 seconds, and downloaded and exported to MS Excel for further reporting and analysis—and can be accessed and viewed from mobile devices and tablets.

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