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How video can save time and boost productivity

By Andi Mann, Chief Technology Officer In the aftermath of the global pandemic, a great business debate has ensued. There are questions being asked in boardrooms, conference rooms and living rooms around the world. “Are we going back to the office? Are...

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3 Things CMOs Can Do Today to Attract and Retain Talent in the face of “The Big Quit” 

Last week I was in a wonderful meetup of 50+ B2B CMOs.  As we discussed our biggest learnings from the first half of 2021, the topic of “The Great Resignation” came up.  The talent market for most Marketing roles is white-hot. Through the...

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What is Smart Video?

If companies are going to embrace a "work from wherever, whenever" position, they will also have to embrace video as a tool to inform and engage. Video needs to be much more than a replacement for the conference room. It must add value to how we work. In...

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