Documentation is a huge part of collaboration in software design and development or other forms of engineering. So, what role can video play and how can it be used effectively to augment or even replace traditional forms of documentation?

In today’s video blog, Henry Clout, Chief Architect, Qumu Cloud, details how our software engineering team has transformed its documentation process with video and Qumu’s own enterprise video content management solution—as a quick and low-cost replacement for 60-70 percent of conventional documentation. Watch the 3-minute video below on using video documentation for short-form system walk throughs, capturing and cataloguing Zoom discussions, onboarding new developers and more!

Thank you for taking a few minutes to watch this video blog! If you have questions about using enterprise video and content management to collaborate, document processes, or search video assets, please complete our Contact Us Form and speak with a Qumu expert. Take care.

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