Hello Everyone!

As you may have heard it’s been a busy and exciting week at Qumu, and I’d like to take a few moments and give a brief overview of our recent news.

Just yesterday (February 11th of 2020) Qumu announced a pending merger with a company called Synacor, which will be finalized some time in Q2 of 2020. More details around this agreement can be reviewed in the corresponding merger press release, which I encourage you to read when you have a moment. But here are the highlights.

To begin, Synacor is a software company whose products serve over 500 million end users. The company serves some of the world’s largest global video, internet and communications providers including HBO, Dish Network, CenturyLink, T-Mobile, YouTubeTV and many others. Synacor’s product line includes collaboration technologies related to email, calendaring, contact management, file storage, content sharing, chat, video conferencing, cloud identification and single sign-on.

In terms of what this means to Qumu, this merger will allow us to extend the use of video through its platform to a much wider audience, via Synacor’s 1900 partners and 4000+ enterprise clients. This union will also allow us to be part of a more comprehensive collaboration suite, which already touches over 500 million end users across the globe. At this time no one else in the Enterprise Video space has this kind of market reach, and this merger will allow Qumu and its customers to benefit immensely from both our broader footprint and our increased financial strength as we continue to grow and expand globally.

Qumu CEO Vern Hanzlik

Once again, if you have additional questions I encourage you to review the press release regarding the merger, or schedule a meeting with your Qumu Account Representative if you are a current customer. Or, if you have a specific question that was not addressed here, feel free to submit it using the Contact Us Form on our website.

Along with the entire team at Qumu, we thank you for your continued support in our company, and we will continue to solve the world’s most complicated enterprise video issues as we serve our valued customers, partners and stakeholders with an even more comprehensive set of collaboration technologies.



Vern Hanzlik
President and CEO
Qumu Corporation