For the largest organizations in the world, effectively communicating globally can be a challenge of immense proportions. But the most progressive companies among the Fortune 500 are building video-ready infrastructures with the Qumu Enterprise Video Platform—allowing employees across the globe to collaborate using any device, and with no negative impact on existing IT infrastructure. But how do these organizations quantify their success in creating video-first cultures? And what level of engagement is truly achievable within an enterprise as large and expansive as a Fortune 500?

In this new, 2-minute Qumu Customer Case Study, we break down some real-world engagement and collaboration measurables from one of our largest clients—a Life Sciences household name with employees spread across 150 countries. This market leader has used the Qumu Enterprise Video Platform to build an advanced video communication system, characterized by:

  • Global reach to all 100,000+ employees across the globe
  • Greater than 80% attendance of live streaming video events
  • Huge on demand views of live event recordings
  • Hundreds of new user generated videos each month
  • 10+ distinct company-wide use cases for video—growing monthly

Be sure and watch the video for the full story and to see what can be achieved even in a highly regulated industry. And if you would like to learn more, please be sure to complete our Contact Us Form, and one of our platform experts will contact you at your convenience.