FAQs on Qumu Cloud Free Trial

In today’s cloud-based, Software as a Service-driven world, free trials are a common way for companies to test technologies in a relatively risk-free environment. But with many free trials offering limited functionality, throttled-down feature sets and even paywall restrictions, it’s difficult for businesses to answer the question “Will this free trial give me the information I need to make a buying decision?” So we’ve designed this article to answer that question for you—before you invest valuable time.

With the above in mind, we’ve assembled answers to the 10 most common questions we regularly receive about our Free Trial of Qumu Cloud. Today in Part 1 of the article we will address the first five:

  1. Will the Qumu Cloud Free Trial allow me to create original content?
  2. Can I upload existing content to Qumu Cloud and manage it from the platform?
  3. Does the Qumu Cloud Free Trial include live events?
  4. What types of end-user devices can the Free Trial support?
  5. Does the Free Trial provide ways to engage with the viewing audience?

We hope this two-part article will address all of your questions—but if not, please feel free to complete our Contact Us Form any time, and we’ll have a specialist contact you immediately.

Question #1 : Will the Qumu Cloud Free Trial allow me to create original content?

Yes. With Qumu’s built-in Content Creator users can easily produce, edit and publish enterprise video, in a single interface within the platform itself. Content contributors can also use our mobile app called Qumu Capture, which allows users to edit and publish video from any iOS or Android device. There are no limitations to the type or amount of original content users can create during the 30-day Free Trial period.

Question #2: Can I upload my existing content to Qumu Cloud and manage it from the platform?

Of course. Once your Free Trial has been activated, you and your team members can immediately begin setting up custom cloud video portals and uploading existing media content—not only video, but also audio files and PowerPoint presentations as well. You can even add searchable metadata and tags to existing content, set access permissions, and establish life cycle parameters for each asset. And once the metadata is created, you can try Qumu Cloud’s advanced search features, which present search results based on metadata, tags and even spoken words within audio and video files.

Question #3: Does the free trial include the ability to conduct live video events? 

Yes. Live streaming is the number one use case for an enterprise video platform, and any free trial would be incomplete without the ability to host a CEO address or broadcast a live town hall meeting. And our Free Trial not only includes the ability to broadcast live events, but also manage them by taking questions, presenting polls, moderating Q&A, and creating an easily accessible video on demand (VOD) version of the event—for those who could not participate live.

Question #4: What types of end-user devices can the Qumu Cloud Free Trial support?

Because Qumu Cloud is a browser-based application, video events can be created and viewed using nearly any device, terminal, laptop, tablet or phone that supports a browser—including Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, MS Edge and a number of others. Our mobile app, Qumu View extends enterprise video to mobile users, allowing them to access video portals, view video and slides at the same time while commenting and sharing with the tools they already use.

Question #5: For live events, does the Free Trial provide ways to engage with the viewing audience?

Yes. You can conduct live polls at any point along the presentation, with results automatically generated and displayed in the form of numbers or a selection of graphs—in real time. Also, live Q&A allows viewers to submit questions during the presentation. And, of course, you have options for how questions are handled to keep your event running smoothly.  For optimum interactivity, questions can be immediately passed through to the presenter’s screen for real-time response. Or, a moderator can respond publicly or privately through a chat interface.


Didn’t get your questions answered? Feel free to complete our Contact Us Form when you have a minute, and we’ll have an expert contact you immediately. Or, if your question is not urgent be sure to look for Part 2 of this article, which will be coming out in the next few days. Otherwise, if you have all of the information you need click here to Start Your Free Trial Today!

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