Qumu is excited to announce we are now offering a Video Visionaries Live Webcast Series! We have posted the first five courses for registration, and will be adding more over the next few weeks. Please view our complete webcast schedule, or select the courses you are interested in below for more information.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact Qumu any time via email at Spencer.Wollman@qumu.com or by phone at (612) 638-9050. We look forward to hearing from you!

Team-to-Many: The New Global Video Conference 

Vern Hanzlik, Qumu President and CEO

For global organizations, the convergence of video conferencing and video streaming has enabled a new type of “Team-to-Many” event, which exponentially expands the reach of live corporate video. This new hybrid video conference allows leaders who manage distributed teams, remote employees and global branches to host large-scale, two-way video communication between executive teams and thousands of employees—to any device and with no loss of meeting integrity. [ READ MORE ]

Driving User Engagement and Adoption of Video in the Enterprise 

Karen Van Wert, Qumu Knowledge Manager

Even if the right enterprise video systems and platforms are in place, two key questions remain: 1) how can organizations drive adoption of video among the employee base, and 2) can employees be taught to create video assets that are truly valuable and engaging? All attendees will leave the session with a handful of Contribution Engagement exercises that can be implemented immediately to drive the use and adoption of enterprise video. [ READ MORE ]

Caching/Relaying: Use Cases, Limitations and Alternatives 

Tobias Wiesner, Qumu Technical Sales Director EMEA

This webcast presents an overview of multicast video streaming along with its limitations and appropriate use cases, and compares multicast video streaming with a number of other streaming distribution methods. Attendees will leave this session a with mid-level technical understanding of possible approaches to video streaming in large organizations, and a number of valuable considerations for setting up a network to cope with the intense demands of video streaming. [ READ MORE ]

Choosing the Best Video Distribution Technology for Your Environment

Alfie LaTorre, Qumu Senior Sales Engineer

Today’s employees have high expectations regarding video quality in the workplace. This session will review how organizations are accomplishing flawless delivery of video inside a secure network environment, even with limited bandwidth. The session will also cover different distribution technologies, how to determine which one is best for your environment, and how to ensure each user is receiving the best possible video experience regardless of device or hardware configuration. [ READ MORE ]

5 Simple Steps for Creating High Quality Business Video

Jon Clint, Qumu Customer Success Director

This session will cover five simple steps for creating high quality, live and on demand video assets for both internal and external distribution. The topics covered will include adding pre and post roll, capturing video from mobile devices and webcams, uploading video, incorporating PowerPoint slides, and others—so be sure to invite everyone in your organization who is responsible for acquiring or producing video. [ READ MORE ]

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