Top 5 Enterprise Video Articles

As we all know, 2017 was an exciting year for enterprise video! Looking back, Qumu is proud of its role in advancing the industry, and in working with customers to develop some truly innovative enterprise video use cases.

While we shared many articles with the Enterprise Video community over the past 12 months, a handful of them stood out in terms of interest from readers. As a thank you for your continued support of Qumu, we thought we’d share our five most popular articles of the year—which we have listed below. Thank you again, and let’s have a great 2018!

This article offers some simple and actionable pointers—directly from Qumu clients—on how to overcome lack of engagement and completely transform the town hall experience for both employees and executives delivering the message.

This first article in our new Video Visionaries Series outlines how a global pharmaceutical leader ignited an entirely new level of employee engagement and collaboration, by allowing employees to create and distribute their own video content.

In this extremely popular article, we break down three important reasons companies should consider recording and streaming Skype for Business meetings, and capture the organization’s most important ideas and interactions.

This article and infographic, developed directly from our client data and case study library, provides a definitive answer to the question “What can my company truly achieve thru live streaming events with the right enterprise video platform?”

As organizations move toward true digital workplaces, network infrastructure is receiving more focus. In this article and video, Qumu President and CEO Vern Hanzlik discusses scaling enterprise video with smart design and intelligent video delivery.

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