In our first Video Visionary Series article, we reviewed a case study involving a leading pharmaceutical company using enterprise video to drastically increase collaboration and engagement among a global employee base. And in our second article, we will cover how one innovative Qumu customer is leveraging enterprise video to improve communication with an equally important audience—its customer base.

Today our Video Visionary Series article will feature an innovative use of Enterprise Video by a leading London-based asset management group, which is also part of a global financial services powerhouse. This firm’s clients rely heavily on reports related to broad economic conditions, as well as individual company insight, to help them make the most of their investments. Sophisticated financial reports and data analysis take time to produce, so minimizing the time to market for financial information once it is produced is critical—and so is building seamless, interactive and credible communication channels between the company’s experts and its client base.

The Approach

Early in the technology evaluation process, the asset management firm determined the best approach to creating the intimacy and immediacy that customers needed was to open video channels that could facilitate both live broadcasting and access to on-demand video. The company’s strategy consisted of three main components, designed to ensure the timely transfer of critical market information:

Step 1: Establish Subscription Channels and publish valuable analysis to them on a regular and consistent schedule, to build both trust and viewership.

Step 2: Set Up a Rapid Response System to reach clients with vital analysis immediately when major financial market changes occur.

Step 3: Build an Asset Repository and make videos available to subscribing clients on demand, as an alternative to the newsletter-style reports clients normally received.

After vetting multiple solutions, the company chose Qumu’s enterprise video platform because it provided the best combination of ease-of use, enterprise-grade security and back-end video management tools.

video metrics during crisis


Shortly after implementation, the banking giant’s asset management team had successfully achieved the results it sought to achieve: building video-based channels that clients rely on for both ongoing market information and a trusted resource when disruption happens. The system proved its worth during Brexit, which created instant uncertainty for the company’s investment clients. By 4:00 a.m. the morning after the Brexit announcement, asset managers had produced 13 videos covering a wide range of implications of Brexit for their clients, and added nine more videos over the course of the day.

Being quick to market ultimately paid off, as there were over 12,000 video views on their customer portal that day—a 500% lift from normal activity levels. Leveraging their enterprise video platform for crisis communication calmed the firm’s investment community, raised the firm’s credibility among clients, and allowed the company to completely avoid the communication chaos many of their competitors ultimately experienced.


Video Can Be Used to Build Credibility. Timely knowledge delivered with compelling video can transform an organization’s relationship with its customers.  And being first to market with answers will increase a company’s value as a trusted advisor.

Video Can Act as the Primary Communication Engine.  This asset management leader proved that an enterprise video platform can be both nimble and enterprise-grade, providing the necessary performance, security and workflow that will scale as new use cases are uncovered—and outperform traditional communication methods like email, phone conferencing and press releases.

Video Can Make Things Easy. With the right tools in place, any employee can self-publish video assets—which allows experts to focus on delivering the proper message.

Video Isn’t Only for Emergencies. If video can be used effectively and seamlessly during times of chaos, imagine what your company can do with it when things are going well!



How Global 2000 Companies Are Using Enterprise Video for Organizational Transformation

Although many companies use the power of video to enhance internal and external communication, very few allow it to transform their organizations. Qumu is fortunate enough to have a number of visionary clients using its enterprise video platform to create true digital workplaces, and this multi-part article series will feature some of our most innovative.

This article is Part 2 of a multi-part series where we share key takeaways, lessons learned and performance metrics from some of our most transformative enterprise video implementations. If you would like to learn more about how Qumu can help your organization leverage the power of video in unique ways, please complete our Contact Us form any time.

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