According to a recent Gallup study, engaged teams experience up to 59% less turnover, while delivering 10% higher customer satisfaction and 21% greater profitability to the organization.1 Figures like these are why organizations are looking for better ways to engage their increasingly global and constantly mobile workforce. And video communication is quickly becoming the preferred method of communication when face-to-face is not an option.

In our latest infographic, titled 15 Great Uses for Video in Internal Communication, we outline a number of creative and fun ideas on using video to improve internal communication.  Click Here to View the Infographic Now, and feel free to download and share it with your colleagues and co-workers!

And if you’d like to take a few moments to look beyond the infographic, stick with us as we dive a little deeper into a few of these ways. We have chosen a few of our favorites, which are outlined below.

Company Newsletters

According to Forrester Research, today’s tech savvy employees are 75 percent more likely to watch a video than they are to read an email, document, or web article.2 This relatively surprising number suggests organizations should strive for viewership over readership by delivering company newsletters in video form.

One creative way to accomplish this is to consider leveraging the enthusiasm and direct knowledge of employees to assist in developing newsletter content. Despite the tendency to strive for perfection, organizations don’t need television-level production quality to create effective and engaging video— real people speaking naturally and using their own devices as cameras can be just as effective if not more! The key is to make sure your enterprise video platform seamlessly integrates with existing mobile, social business and collaboration tools so distribution of the newsletter is quick and easy.

Event Coverage

Every year companies make massive investments in live events like trade shows, customer summits and speaking panels. And due to cost and logistical reasons, only a fraction of employees experience these events—and even less can directly participate. To extend the value of these events and bring the experience to the entire enterprise, leading organizations are using live and on-demand video to help their employees “feel the excitement” thru daily round-ups, live coverage of speakers and ad-hoc interviews.

The challenge of event coverage, of course, is to maintain the energy of an organic event, rather than losing it due to production or delivery problems. This is why teams are armed with easy-to-use mobile video capture and editing tools, plus seamless sharing to company portals and social business sites like SharePoint, IBM Connections and Yammer so that they can focus on the story instead of the production. And on the back end, flexible bandwidth and intelligent content delivery should allow the audience to tune in anytime, from any device.

Town Hall Meetings

Bringing employees into the corporate dialog is a great way to build company-wide engagement, and enterprise video is tailor-made for the job. A video-powered town hall experience involving the CEO or even multiple leaders across functional areas can quickly bring a global corporate community together. As a slight twist on the idea, organizations can have executives call on other people throughout the call, to express their stories and insights in the live video exchange. Real time polls and online Q&A can further enrich the Town Hall Meeting experience, as employees also get the opportunity to watch leaders field questions, think on their feet, and connect with team members anywhere in the world.

In terms of infrastructure, proper enterprise video network design is critical for town hall events, and requires that communications and IT teams work closely together. To execute town hall-style events organizations require an enterprise-grade system that can handle the challenge of live-streaming to tens of thousands of users around the globe—no matter what device they’re using. And just as planning and practice ensure smooth communications, system performance stress testing of the enterprise video platform is vital for flawless delivery with no outages or buffering.

But what about today’s executive—the leaders—are they ready to put video to use? Here’s an interesting statistic. In a recent survey of 1800 executives, Wainhouse Research found that, of the C-level execs, 69% strongly agree with the idea that they possess the skills to produce video worthy of sharing with others at work. That’s a good sign that video adoption is also being driven from the top down.3


Enterprise video can be complex, but getting started is incredibly easy. If you want to explore some of these creative uses for Enterprise Video in internal communications, Contact Qumu Today. We’d love to hear your challenges and vision! Or, if you’d like to start experiencing the benefits of video-based internal communication immediately, be sure to sign up for our Free 30-Day Trial of Qumu Cloud any time.


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3  Wainhouse Research, Gauging Implementation and Interest In “Enterprise YouTube” Capabilities 2017

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