Enterprise video delivery edge units

Ever wondered what edge technology is, or how it can dramatically accelerate video performance over your existing network? It’s not magic—it’s software. Today in this article, we will explore an often overlooked yet vital enterprise video component called an “edge unit.” And in this new video episode of Ask the Experts, Qumu President and CEO Vern Hanzlik will explain edge units and their critical role in delivering live, streaming and on-demand video to thousands or even tens of thousands of users across the enterprise.

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If the video has you thinking about building out a world-class, enterprise-grade video delivery system, here are two additional thoughts to keep in mind:

1 – Network Design is as Important as the Technology

Don’t get us wrong, having the right technology is crucial. A previous episode of Ask the Experts reviewed eCDNs and the value of an open, extensible enterprise video platform that integrates with other systems. Your eCDN should function as an intelligent business-rules engine, dynamically optimizing video delivery for specific locations, mobile users, and various endpoints (like an edge unit or even a public CDN).

But even with all that intelligence built it, network design is just as important. Effective video delivery at enterprise scale requires you to plan and build a video delivery network, customized and optimized to your unique video use cases while leveraging existing resources. This is where human intelligence comes in. Make sure you assemble a team of experts that 1) understands the uniqueness of your requirements, and 2) can bring experience regarding what worked and didn’t across many different enterprise environments.

2 – Content Management & Delivery Must Be Tightly Bonded

We see it a lot—customers purchase a great-looking video content management system only to be plagued by outages and spotty performance. Management tools are useless if your network can’t carry the load: like a state-of-the-art train with an outdated rail system.

Taking this a step further, when management and delivery are tightly bonded, your content repository knows what’s happening in the delivery network and vice versa. For example: if you delete a video in your repository, does your public CDN know it?  Ultimately, a well-designed and intelligent enterprise video network not only makes performance issues go away, it magnifies the productivity impact of video within your digital workplace.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can meet the growing demand for video within your enterprise, contact Qumu today. And watch for other episodes of Ask the Experts!

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