Video is now a standard tool for crisis communications, courtesy of its immediacy, authenticity and emotive power. Major corporations have embraced it as a critical platform for internal and external communications during challenging times.

Crisis communications expert, Paul Omodt of Omodt & Associates says, “During crisis or uncertainty people want to look their leaders in the eye and hear the tone in their voice. Video is powerful, personal and fast. Just remember that executives – from the CEO to plant managers – must be prepared and comfortable with the tool. They don’t have to be flawless, just clear, confident and human.”

Your enterprise video communications system, however, must be flawless. We all get frustrated and lose confidence when streaming delays happen or connections are dropped, and leaky security can expose the company to further conflict.

In our whitepaper, Emotive power: Connecting leadership in a crisis with enterprise video, we discuss video’s role in these three vital use cases:

  1. The executive address – Enterprise video offers senior management a compelling way to engage with employees through live events or by regular on-demand video messages.
  2. Preparing for change – Sometimes it’s uncertainty about what could happen and while the danger may not be immediate, communication is still urgent.
  3. Emergency preparedness – whether a natural or human-made disaster, large enterprises spend considerable time preparing for the worst so that they have a game plan and critical communications systems in place.

The whitepaper also looks at important ways that automated workflow improves your process and preparedness and how to know who got the message. Find out how a fail-safe, enterprise video communications and content management system can help you prepare your organization to weather any storm.

*If you want to learn more about what it takes to build and run a flawless enterprise video platform, attend our webinar – Load Testing Streaming Platforms – Thursday, June 8, co-hosted with Neotys and Cognizant.