Great ideas are exchanged in Skype for Business sessions. Your digital workforce depends on fluid communication and knowledge transfer. Here are three reasons to capture and share those important interactions.

1 To capture collaboration

"Is someone recording this?"

Let’s say you’re trying to get your whole team on board with a new software tool. You invite the project champion to run through a demo during a Skype for Business meeting, but it’s 3:00 a.m. in Japan and you don’t want the team members there to miss out.

With Qumu’s Skype for Business integration, you can record directly from the Skype for Business menu. Your whole meeting is captured (with full video, audio and shared assets) and you can even set up workflows. For example, you can have the recording automatically archived into SharePoint or other portal, along with a notification so that your team in Japan gets the information as soon as they log in.

2 To turn your meeting into an asset

"I know we recorded that."

Now think beyond just capturing the meeting – go a step further and turn the whole conversation into an asset. If you’re trying to drive collaboration and innovation, simply creating a video file isn’t enough. You don’t want massive video files dumped onto your network in random fashion.

With an enterprise video content management and delivery system, that video asset becomes:

  • Searchable – You can even search for spoken words in the audio, not just those in meta data and text.
  • Easily editable – Share the whole recording with your team in Japan, but create a new file with just the software demo for on-boarding new team members in the future. Add graphics and other video – no video production skills required.
  • Secure – making certain that your content is only reaching the people you want it to reach. Using your existing authentication and authorization solution (or Qumu’s) you can secure access to videos, channels, or administrative functions.

3 To expand your audience

"The whole company should hear this."

Suppose you’re managing an entire healthcare system. One of the hospitals has made a breakthrough in patient experience. Over a Skype for Business session, they’re showing the executive team how they dramatically improved their scores. You realize this information could benefit clinical teams across your whole healthcare system.

What if you invited everyone to join the Skype for Business meeting? We all know that employees want management to be more inclusive, more immediate and less hierarchical about disseminating information. Our customers are doing just that: turning a Skype for Business meeting into a live stream, on the fly. Aside from the information-sharing value, imagine the employee engagement benefit of inviting the staff to hear the information for the first time with you.

Your digital workforce depends on free-flowing information and collaboration. Now those interactions can be captured and leveraged even further.