3 ways automotive manufacturers use video
While much is written about automation and robotics in automotive manufacturing, there’s a parallel movement – the digital workforce – designed to increase employee engagement, collaboration and agility.

Video plays a big role in helping the digital workforce overcome distance and functional barriers. In an increasingly machine-oriented space, it connects people. It also creates data assets that can be shared broadly, feeding management, training, collaboration, and quality systems.

The digital workplace emphasizes diversity, agility and innovation by connecting people to value-added dynamic communities and teams. It promotes social interaction and cross-functional collaboration to enable productive business relationships.

1.Your best trainers are on the line
In this competitive and high-skills labor market, companies are scrambling to accelerate the speed to knowledge. Who better to transfer knowledge than your experienced production crew or that retirement-bound, seen-that-fixed-it maintenance expert? Short-form video gives highly-skilled workers a quick and efficient way to “bottle” what they know for new recruits or for your other facilities.

You don’t need a camera crew. Content and clarity is what matters. Management and learners alike are more interested in speed and results than production quality. Some of the best training is captured on smart phones, tablets or wearable cameras. With an enterprise-grade video resource behind it, knowledge is not only captured, it becomes searchable, manageable and secure.

The 3.1 million high-skilled jobs in automotive manufacturing represent 10.4% of EU’s manufacturing employment.
European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA)

Speed to knowledge also means speed to market. Manufacturers need to train dealerships so they’re ready to sell and able to perform warranty work by the time new vehicle models hit the show floor. Augment your formal training with informal videos captured at one dealership and shared with all. Or an urgent feature update can be broadcast to the entire sales network from a Skype for Business meeting.

2. Accelerate troubleshooting, process improvement and innovation

Video is a powerful tool to bring your experts together with real time footage of challenges or stoppages as they happen. An engineer can quickly capture video of an issue, ask other experts for advice and resolve the problem right on the spot. Then a quick report – also in video – walks the next shift through the issue and resolution. Video can also help quality management connect with the production line to exchange ideas for process improvement and take part in team huddles.

Smart glasses, such as Google Glass, have found a home in manufacturing environments, especially for troubleshooting. On-site technicians capture and share data and video with their hands free for doing the maintenance. Your support center experts see exactly what the on-site tech sees while capturing part number and other data automatically. These videos become valuable documentation for escalating problems or to add to your knowledge base. Plus, archived video clips and other information can be sent back to the tech’s smart glasses. For a great example of smart glasses on the job, check out this video by Ubimax.

There’s a lot to be gained from the field when it comes to innovation. Idea exchanges between manufacturers and their dealership network offer great sources for immediate insights. Use mobile devices to capture customer feedback on test drives as they happen. Or invite and reward product improvement ideas from hands-on mechanics.

3. Connect the front office with the front line

The digital workplace values transparency. Production line employees need to hear from management and vice versa. Digital signage is a great way to bring the two together. In addition to HR updates, safety regulations and production stats, consider short video messages on strategy and examples of your cultural values in action.

Video is also great for celebrating manufacturing stories and successes. Give your front line the opportunity to spotlight their own heroes or the important process improvements they make – to the whole company. Qumu offers a Skype for Business integration that allows you to broadcast an all-manufacturing huddle to the entire company every week, month or quarter. Consider showcasing your production line experts in action with a live CEO-on-the-floor video walk through . . . shot from the CEO’s own smart phone.

How do you manage all that video?

Qumu provides the enterprise-grade system needed to deliver video to anyone, anywhere on any device or network connection, including a central video repository to store, secure and manage all those video assets.

Video’s power is what you make it. Qumu’s tools allow you to build in workflow and automate video capture, indexing and other processes. And your experts and expertise-seekers will love that they can search based on words and phrases spoken in the videos to pinpoint exactly what they want to find in any video.

As video becomes the primary method for communication in the digital workplace, Qumu is helping organizations turn video production, delivery and management into a value stream.