The new digital workforce is designed to share knowledge and experiences like never before — and video is vital to that exchange. Microsoft’s powerful suite of collaboration tools have become the standard for connecting people and driving digital transformation, but video can be tough to secure, distribute, search and manage. It’s even harder when you’re connecting thousands of users.

Consider these scenarios where video could play a big role in communication and collaboration in your Microsoft ecosystem.

1. Capture the conversation and inspiration
Let’s say one of your product teams is having a Skype for Business discussion about next generation features. A research specialist is sharing key learnings from a series of customer focus groups. But it’s not just an exchange of information; it’s inspiration. No slide deck or report alone can communicate the nuances of the dialog or the passion in the customer’s feedback.

Qumu’s Skype for Business integration allows you to record any meeting on-the-fly. With a single button, the focus group report is automatically captured and indexed into the Qumu video library. Team members easily edit and enhance the recording, then share it seamlessly on SharePoint, just as they would any other asset. More importantly, the team feels empowered to record their knowledge and the energy that comes from collaboration, wherever and whenever it happens.

2. Broadcast important stories to the whole company

As part of your monthly leadership meeting, you set aside time to highlight customer successes. Team representatives are invited into the Skype for Business meeting to showcase teamwork and innovation in action. It’s the most satisfying part of the meeting and an opportunity to praise employees directly.

Why not open that part of your meeting to the whole company? With Qumu’s Skype for Business integration, you can easily turn your meeting into a broadcast to hundreds or thousands of “passive” participants. Now everyone can share in the celebration and be energized by those customer success stories.

3. Find expertise and accelerate innovation
Your global manufacturing organization has R&D going on in multiple divisions across many product lines. The team in Buenos Aires posts a video about an incremental improvement in providing a more sustainable metal coating for medical devices. Meanwhile a design engineer in Dublin is trying to solve a similar challenge for miniature parts in an avionics device. Her cross-portal search on SharePoint uncovers the video.

SharePoint provides valuable portals for connecting experts and expertise within your enterprise. Increasingly that exchange will happen in video. But important keywords and phrases can be buried inside audio within a video file. Qumu’s Speech Search allows the avionics engineer to dig deeper – pinpointing exact words inside any video – even spoken words in audio. Ultimately, the design engineer’s discovery leads to a new product feature and key competitive advantage for the avionics division.

4. Spark and spread ideas in a social instant
Your UK office just challenged the entire company on Yammer to a “Sing for Their Supper” contest to raise money for any charity that fights hunger. Game on! That’s exactly the kind of employee engagement you want to encourage, but can your network handle the video?

An enterprise-grade video hub like Qumu’s is built for the many-gigabyte world of video. And with bi-directional sharing of on-demand or live broadcasts in Yammer, it’s easy too. A single button lets you share a video and start the dialog. No embed codes needed. And no copying and pasting web URLs.

By making it easy for your employees to create, edit and share video across borders and business boundaries, you bring them closer together, so they can work together.

Video is having a big impact on collaboration in your Microsoft ecosystem. Qumu can help make certain that the impact is positive.

Check out our lite paper “Collaborating with video in the Microsoft ecosystem.”


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