How a fast-growing organization connects

How do you pull off a flawless internal town hall meeting with thousands of employees? It’s not always easy.

Take it from one our customers. This fast-growing technology firm drives digital transformation for an entire nation’s healthcare ecosystem — providing actionable data and vital IT services.

Yet, it was technology that initially kept their own internal town hall meetings from running smoothly. Even after significant investments in video and web conferencing facilities, quality and performance problems meant many employees didn’t have access to the live broadcasts. Those who did often experienced outages and delays. So as a result, employee participation was slipping fast.

Here’s how they addressed their technical problems and completely transformed the experience for both employees and those delivering the message.

1. Remove technology glitches and distractions

First, you’ve got to remove the barriers. Bad performance with video delays makes remote workers feel like they’re on the moon. It’s vital that your video delivery network is thoroughly optimized and supported by experts when you need them.

It’s not easy for the presenters, either. Broadcast performance issues cause interruptions in the flow. You want to make sure the Q&A session is about company topics, not video issues.

By switching to Qumu’s enterprise video hub, which supported all the organization’s network types and end devices, performance issues went away. The firm now focuses on what matters – the message and employee feedback.

Major objectives:
• Support thousands of concurrent viewers
• Eliminate network congestion and minimize buffering
• Provide access from any network connection
• Incorporate existing video and web conferencing systems
• Seamlessly integrate with customer’s go-to Office 365 portal
• Support PowerPoint slides
• Engage audiences with polling and Q&A

2. Meet them where and when they work
Next, go where the people are. You send a valuable message to employees when they can engage directly with the CEO. Even better when remote workers can participate … from the office … from home … or from the field.

For our customer that meant supporting existing video conferencing systems, laptops and mobile devices. The company even branded their own version of Qumu’s mobile app for iOS, Android and Windows.

Of course, not everyone can attend the live broadcast. Seamless integration with Microsoft Office 365 means that every broadcast is automatically saved to the company portal for video-on-demand viewing.

3. Inform and engage
Finally, be prepared so you can be real. With performance and quality now a non-issue, the firm concentrates on the presentation and the process. The internal communications and event teams ensure that each town hall meeting is well-orchestrated with speaker slides, facilitator scripts, polls and questions. But not to make the event more formal. They learned that the more prepared they are, the more natural the experience is for everyone.

Of course, being able to use their existing video and web conferencing equipment meant a huge savings for the company. Plus, the execs are already acquainted with the systems and, for employees, it’s a familiar feel for an internal meeting.

The result?
For our customer, employee participation in town hall broadcasts has increased dramatically, thanks to a high-quality enterprise video hub plus excellent process and preparedness by the internal team.

Town hall broadcasts allow company executives to connect with staff in live, interactive settings. It’s a great way to ensure understanding and commitment to strategy while transparently addressing challenges and, just as importantly, celebrating successes.

What makes your town hall meeting a success?

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