In most businesses, the customer wants more than a transaction. They’re looking for insights and perspective. And nowhere is that more true than in investing.

United Kingdom-based investment management firm Brooks Macdonald shares insights with customers in the form of a video blog every Monday morning through the help of our Qumu Cloud video solution. The firm’s Weekly Market Commentary blog is information-rich and professionally-produced. Yet it takes only minutes to publish each issue.

Here are a few takeaways on how sharing your insights with customers can build business:

One. Interaction builds trust, drives business

In consultative businesses, providing insights and big-picture perspective to customers is more than just a courtesy. Interaction drives business when it is timely and creates trust. More sharing and less selling, is how you build that trust.

Two. Deliver on a need, consistently

Know your audience’s compelling need and sense of urgency. Brooks Macdonald meets uncertainty with steadiness.

“In times of elevated market uncertainties, investors take comfort in hearing from a trusted source,” said Ghislaine Perry, Group Head of Marketing at Brooks Macdonald. “These regular videos put our experts in front of customers in a very human way that they’ve come to expect.”

That’s how you build an audience. Not by wowing them on occasion, but through regular, reliable and actionable information. And of course, it’s much more compelling to hear and see the real human expert sharing their perspective. That’s why video is such a powerful and meaningful medium.

Three. Make it streamlined yet flexible

Delivering on that expectation takes the right tool. Thanks to streamlined video workflow and management tools, the Brooks Macdonald marketing team can record, edit, and add graphics and supplemental video to create a highly professional market commentary, week after week.

Four. Read your audience through analytics

You need to read your audience too. And their actions speak louder than words. Your video solution should provide the analytics that help you tune into what works. Information on viewership and engagement allows Brooks Macdonald to continually learn what interests their subscribers and how they want to interact with the firm.

Looking to put your experts in front of customers? Check out Brooks Macdonald’s Weekly Market Commentary for ideas on how to approach your market … plus insights on the financial market!