When you think of video, do you think of one particular way to use it? I doubt it. Between TV, Netflix, SnapChat, YouTube, Skype, iPhone, surveillance and many other daily or even hourly experiences, our lives are steeped in video.

Why would we consider video differently at work? And yet it’s still common for enterprises to think one use case at a time when it comes to deploying video in their organizations. The smarter companies are thinking bigger – and longer term. By implementing a strategic video creation, management and delivery capability across their business, they make modern video usage across multiple use cases achievable.

This kind of forethought is a self-fulfilling prophesy, as barriers to video adoption are removed for subsequent video applications.

Here’s Part 4 of our Tech Innovator vidcast series, sharing five more enterprise use cases for video that your organization may want to consider bringing together on one platform.

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