With all the hype about Cloud in the market today, it’s easy to picture Cloud platforms as ethereal solutions magically floating out there somewhere in the world, solving your business challenges without ever touching the ground.

The reality is that every Cloud solution is “grounded” behind the scenes with real hardware. Netflix, Apple, Microsoft, Salesforce…all of their Cloud solutions rely on honest-to-goodness data centers and the real, physical Internet to provide their transformative business benefits.

For enterprise video, this is an important thing to understand. For streaming marketing videos and other external communications that aren’t proprietary, the public Clouds and the Internet provide the bandwidth and connections necessary to reach everyone.

But what if you need to reach all of your employees around the world with an important live broadcast? ┬áThe last mile of your video streaming delivery to your tens of thousands of employees located in a single office has to use your company’s network. No matter how amazing your Cloud solution or your Internet connections are, trying to get your videos to your employees will melt your network. Oh – and they won’t be able to watch the video either.

That’s why Qumu’s Cloud platform works hand-in-hand with our enterprise-grade Pathfinder delivery services technology. Pathfinder optimizes your internal network and manages your distribution business rules so that every employee gets a high quality viewing experience (no buffering!), from any office or any device, anywhere in the world – through whatever physical “pipes” are necessary internally or externally.

What’s better than a Cloud-based enterprise video platform? A Cloud-based video platform with the ability to scale to the size of your enterprise.