A large enterprise using video internally and externally for communication and collaboration is not notable. Whether live or on demand, video has joined email, phone and text as a way to get informed, share ideas and stay up to date.

But it’s one thing to substitute something old with something new, and yet another to use the full power of that new tool to transform your workplace.

Video is a potent communication technology that can “change the rules,” driving discrete jumps in agility, efficiency and engagement within the modern enterprise.

Qumu has had the privilege to work with video visionaries in several of the largest organizations in the world – teams that have implemented video content management platforms and processes to help deliver on their organizations’ mission. These video innovators see enterprise video as a way to materially improve their business.

And now you can learn their secrets. Qumu has a new ebook titled “Enterprise Video from the Trenches” that shares the stories of a few of these leaders, and the lessons they learned about how to apply video across an enterprise. It’s yours to read now, compliments of Qumu.

Nine takeaways

Here are nine lessons from the experts highlighted in the ebook, to help you in your enterprise video deployment:

1. Partner across business functions – By forging a common vision for the project between IT and Internal Communications, requirements were uncovered that would otherwise have been missed.

2. Align with corporate goals – Bringing the video initiative into the digital blueprint for the company ensured broader support and engagement across the organization.

3. Take a phased approach – Rather than solve everything from day one, mobile functionality was added in a second phase. Create a long-term plan and succeed in measurable steps.

4. Consolidate existing content – By migrating existing videos to a single video platform, the company was able to save money by reducing the amount of physical server space used for video.

5. Build requirements from the ground up – Business needs were spread around in communications and marketing departments around the globe – by just talking to them, key insights were gained.

6. Find a “sponsor” use case – The highly visible anniversary song employee video contest served as an enabler of budget and resources for the overall video platform project.

7. Video can monetize expertise – Don’t assume the entertainment business model is the only way to make money from videos. Timely knowledge is increasingly valuable and can be monetized.

8. Make it easy – Don’t distract your business experts by requiring them to become video experts. Make the production process very simple and the publishing workflow as automatic as possible.

9. Leverage internally and externally – The same technology that makes it easy for asset managers to publish videos to customers can be used internally for collaboration and knowledge sharing.

We hope you enjoy the rest of the ebook.

What’s your secret to success? If you’re an enterprise video practitioner, let us know your best tips for deploying enterprise video that delivers true business value.