Big Data is coming to the world of video in a big way.

It’s especially clear if you’re in Marketing. This disciple is relatively late to the digital transformation, but the industry is making up for lost time. Scott Brinker has been tracking marketing technology for years; his Marketing Technology Landscape included about 150 companies in 2011. This year it includes 3,874 companies – a 10X increase.

Yet even in Marketing, despite the current hype surrounding technology and data, video is usually one of the last forms of communication to get on the Big Data bandwagon. It’s easy to see why; video is “squishy” compared to a lead database or website A/B testing.

Don’t be a laggard when it comes to your video data. Video is one of the most powerful channels for customer engagement, and there is much more variety in how it’s created and presented that in typical text or images. You A/B test your web copy – are you A/B testing your videos? You should be.

Big Data and internal videos

While analytics are intuitively valuable for Marketing videos,  don’t forget your internal videos. Internal communications can take advantage of all of the same analytics being used by Marketing to help improve the engagement of your internal teams.

The internal analytics opportunity may be even more impactful than the one for external videos. Your employees are a captive audience and over time have more exposure to your message than in external communications.

The format, length or framing of an important video from your CEO can make all the difference between getting buy-in from your team for a new company direction and turning them off altogether. A/B test those internal videos!

Video analytics are improving at a rapid pace. Whomever your audience, use the power of data to make them as engaging as they can be.