It’s been a bit of a roller coaster ride for IT when it comes to enterprise mobile strategies and technology.

First (a few years back) it was all about mobile apps. But that wasn’t sustainable for most IT organizations because it took so much to create and manage a mobile app ecosystem for their company.

Then it was all about browser-based mobile access and content. That worked for a while.

But apps have come back with a vengeance. Just look at the lastest consumer experience of the biggest digital consumer brands to see why. Your employees – every one of them! – are also consumers, and their wants, needs and behavior are influenced heavily by what’s dazzling and “consuming” them in their personal lives.

What’s an IT org to do? Join John Greenstein for the newest vidcast in the Technology Innovators series as he dissects what’s going on in enterprise mobile video technology and how to meet the mobile needs of your employees.