Skype for Business is a great tool for enterprise communication. One of its strengths is its ubiquity, making it easy for most everyone in the organization to jump on a meeting.

One challenge with Skype for Business users, however, has been the “long tail” – finding the recording of that really important meeting from a few months (or years) ago.

Until now.

Qumu’s new extension to the Pexip Infinity platform enables Skype for Business users that participate in Pexip meetings to record and store meetings from inside the Skype for Business client.

Making meeting recordings available is valuable to your team, but it must be done in a way that manages and secures the content. Qumu’s extension to Pexip creates recordings that can be fully compliant with regulatory standards, audit trail requirements and corporate retention policies.

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There are ways to capture Skype for Business calls today, but one-off recordings don’t meet the needs of a modern enterprise in managing their ongoing proprietary knowledge content.  Video meetings are relative newcomers to enterprise content management. It’s critical to have a workflow and management that will maintain this valuable and sensitive content so that it is secure yet easily discoverable by those in your organization that can benefit from it.

The Qumu video content management platform enables a company’s overall unified communications ecosystem to make recording calls a seamless, secure and scalable part of any meeting:

  • Enterprise-Class meeting recording. Scalable to meet your growing organization’s capacity needs while being highly redundant, secure and economical.
  • Scheduled or on demand. Recording can be initiated both as part of the meeting scheduling process or on demand with simple controls easily accessible within the Skype for Business, Lync or other virtual meeting vendors’ interfaces.
  • Managed content. Users have access to manage their recordings, allowing them to trim, edit thumbnails, and share them easily right from within the communications tool.
  • Integrated with your corporate security framework. This minimizes administration and provides the flexibility to meet your multi-level access control needs.
  • Automatic meta data capture. Highly customizable meta data capture for enhanced search/retrieval as well as audit/compliance of meeting recordings.
  • Automated workflows. Can be created for specific types of meeting recordings with automated disclaimers, mandatory approvals, security, time of life, and repurposing.
  • Easily share meeting content. Can be shared via collaboration platforms, email, websites and social tools while maintaining security and trackability.

The Qumu video content management platform can scale to archive millions of recordings from a company’s multiple video conference and web conference solutions, providing a long-term video content platform that will remain constant as UC technologies evolve over time.



There’s rapid change underway in video-based unified communications.  You can’t control it all, but recording and managing your virtual meetings is a constructive step you can take to protect and enable your organization.