Big Data is no longer new news; information is flowing in from every direction. The challenge is no longer acquiring the data, but what to do with it. It’s a race – those that are most effective at gleaning value from all of this content will have an advantage in their markets and with their customers.

Number three on Gartner’s Top 10 Technologies Driving the Digital Workplace* list is production studio technology. Why? We think it’s because video is an ideal technology for processing this raw information into actionable knowledge, and tools that make video more than just a camera recording can empower everyone in your organization to transfer deep learnings.

Given the right tools, employees can enhance the power of video by combining a talking head with graphics, charts, tables and other content. People can tell a story and pull meaning from the facts and numbers. Qumu’s video content management platform, for example, makes creating multi-media video content like this as easy as any other video. The videos can be shared live or viewed on demand – turning data into useful content that spreads efficiently across the organization.

Enterprises are wading knee deep in the new flood of information in their organizations. Those that equip their teams with easy-to-use video production tools will give them a competitive advantage in the new Big Data world we live in.

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