In an increasingly digital workplace, the use of consumer technologies such as mobile devices is becoming the norm in most organizations. By enabling employees to access key information from any device, desktop virtualization provides a foundation for the business mobility currently transforming the way people and businesses operate.

No longer just for early adopters and innovators, desktop virtualization has become a mainstream IT strategy for companies of all sizes, with leading solutions like Citrix, used by more than 400,000 organizations and by over 100 million users globally.

By integrating with Citrix, Qumu extends the Citrix HDX technology and gives Citrix users the power to stream videos to any endpoint without taxing the network or the VDI client. This opens up a world of possibilities for sharing and accessing video throughout the Citrix environment.

Citrix users have a mix of client and server architectures that make it challenging to implement and manage global video. Qumu Video Optimization Pack for Citrix helps organizations improve their communications with employees, partners, and customers around the globe. By leveraging their Citrix infrastructure while providing high-performance video streaming, businesses can improve learning and understanding and deliver key messages and content.

Integrated with Citrix’ enterprise workspace capabilities, Qumu solutions meet the current and future mix of live events, video-on-demand and business application-integrated video. Virtualized users can access town hall meetings, training and sales enablement resources, taking full advantage of the video experience.

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