Here’s a story about one of Qumu’s clients and how they are using video to make their company better:

One of the world’s five largest defense contractors, video plays a key role in internal and external communications for this firm. What started as a way to reduce costs has grown to be an irreplaceable tool to engage their employees and accelerate business through a few key applications:

  • Regular live executive communications
  • The corporate “TV channel”
  • Engineering collaboration
  • Cross-collaboration with external project vendors


Video is now a mainstream source of information for employees.  Employees logged over 65,000 video views in a recent six-month period, including over 6,000 videos viewed in a single week.

Their video solution is integrated into their communications platform and workflows, allowing them to maintain quality and consistency in their messaging.


Given the complexity of the advanced technology that is a part of daily work, video has proved invaluable for project teams to share ideas, improve designs and coordinate projects.

Implementing video for engineering and vendor collaboration has reduced travel costs significantly. ¬†Harder to measure but also improved is the company’s ability to meet tight delivery schedules.

It’s inspiring to see how video is making a material difference in our customers’ business and in the daily experience of their employees.