Sometimes it’s helpful to think of video from the outside in rather than inside out.

By that I mean that those of us whose focus is video and communications tend to start with video – what it can do, how it can help – and next consider how it can work with the rest of the organization.

In a SpiceWorks webinar this week, Nemertes analyst Irwin Lazar flipped that around when he talked about video as a key element of Digital Transformation – the sea change of technology that’s sweeping through industries and enterprises. Digital Transformation is disrupting businesses everywhere, yet also creating huge opportunities for those ready and willing to change.

Video is a strategic change agent for your business that is best applied wholeheartedly, across the organization.  The innovators may start with individual “pilot” use cases, but they implement these with a longer term goal in site: deploying video across the board.

Here’s Part 2 of our Tech Innovator vidcast series, sharing five more enterprise use cases for video.  To see more ways video can transform your business, download our new guide, 25 Enterprise Video Best Practices.