Many companies miss out on the true power of a video platform in their organizations because they don’t ever get beyond their first use case. Rather, they treat each application of video as a standalone use case and start from scratch when a new application is needed.

It’s understandable – in the past, video was a special requirement; it’s easier to react and fulfill a specific need tactically rather than strategically. But the world has changed, and video is now becoming a standard, even expected, mode of communication throughout all businesses.

We’re seeing the most video-mature companies take a different approach: they put in place a strategic enterprise video platform that acts as a “video utility” across their global organization.  Once deployed, these companies can very easily add new use cases and extend the solution to new audiences.

One global pharmaceutical firm made a list of more than 60 use cases that are possibilities in their future.

To help spur your imagination for what video can do in your organization, Qumu has compiled a comprehensive guide describing 25 best practices in enterprise video.

What uses would you add to this list?