In times of crisis or market uncertainty, addressing issues correctly is paramount to the long term success of organizations.

Video is powerful because it emphasizes many of the same qualities as in-person interactions. But it also increases engagement versus written words and extends the reach of the message through digital channels.

There are certain things that matter when it comes to communicating in times of change or turmoil:

  • Be the first: when it comes to reacting to events, speed to market is key. Create relevant and timely content that gets your message across and positions your organization as a leader in your industry.
  • Keep your key audiences informed: engage your customers, employees, partners or the public by informing and responding to the questions that matter to them.
  • Leverage your internal thought leaders: get your brightest minds to share their expertise and build credibility for your organization.

After the Brexit results were announced on June 23, many organizations reacted promptly to the news by creating and publishing videos to inform their audiences. Since then, there has been a constant stream of updates and experts voicing their opinion with video as their preferred media to reach wide audiences in the UK and beyond.

A timely response to significant market events with video content within hours or even minutes enabled these companies to provide their customers with the answers they needed and helped them to position themselves as thought leaders in the market.

Norton Rose Fulbright

Companies in the legal sector used video to provide advice to their customers on the implications of the new socio-political context and the new challenges it poses to businesses in the UK. Norton Rose Fulbright used their internal thought-leaders to provide in-depth analysis in an interview-style video.

Watch here.


Another firm within the legal sector, Ashurst, offered interactive presentations where data was supported with slides and offered the audience the opportunity to send feedback and questions, providing relevant and time-sensitive information to their customers.

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For investment management companies the priority is to help their customers control and mitigate risk while advising how to optimize portfolio returns. Henderson’s investment teams created a series of topic videos to communicate their views on the implications of Brexit on UK and European equities and highlighted the threats and the opportunities that come with the new scenario.

Watch here.

Videos included a chapter menu for easier access to specific content within the video.

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Video has transformed the way newsrooms operate; content is available online 24/7, accessible from any mobile device and spread and commented across social media. For this leading media provider in finance, speed-to-market and audience reach and engagement are key. Bloomberg relied on videos to deliver the news across digital channels and provided content updates as events unfolded.

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During the following days, Bloomberg continued to post video interviews and commented on reactions from top UK businesses leaders.

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Financial publishing companies took a 360° approach to deliver information and insight to professional advisers and investors by reporting on news and gathering reactions from top finance organizations. For Citywire, audience engagement is key. The company published expert analysis videos and leveraged social functionalities like feedback, e-mail send and distribution through main social media outlets to increase the reach and impact of their video content.

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A completely customizable enterprise video platform is the ideal tool to provide information to key audiences and get the message to market in a short period of time.

Content creation and management tools enable easy content capture and distribution, including pre-designed workflows to automate content update across digital platforms, social functionalities, and the ability for users to create videos of their own to join the conversation.

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