Brexit is a huge moment politically, but also a jolt of uncertainty for individuals everywhere financially:

  • How will this affect my investments?
  • What should I do now?

One leading bank in the UK is acting fast.  Since 4:00AM this morning London time, the bank has published over a dozen videos to their clients within their client website on the implications of Brexit for every conceivable financial instrument and market.

It’s no surprise that traffic is going through the roof.  Video views were up 25-50% over normal levels for the day – and that was before the U.S. markets even opened.

The bank was well-positioned for an event such as this. They had built a video communication “engine” for their research team that supplements the typical analyst reports and other documents that they use to communicate market changes to their clients.  When something significant changes in a market, industry or geography, each analyst can quickly gather her thoughts and get in front of the camera with key insights for clients.  Video’s innate ability to provide more nuanced insight and share deeper meaning is a huge value-add when money is on the line – and minutes count.

The videos have been a valuable addition to day-to-day client communications. But days like today show the true power of video as a way to translate complex topics into core insights and action.

Brexit is a make-or-break moment for the research and trading teams at banks.  Those that are able to respond to dramatic market events like this with video content within hours or even minutes clearly have a competitive advantage – and clients that have the answers that they need.