Facebook’s Nicola Mendelsohn said at a conference this month that in five years Facebook “will probably be all video,” and that video is “the best way to tell stories in this world.”

Video has made a rapid climb in business for communication and collaboration over the past few years because it is such a rich form of sharing information. As Ms. Mendelsohn says, it “helps us digest much more information.”

Video replacing text may seem a bit audacious, but think about it: now that video creation and delivery technology has made “video everywhere” possible and affordable, why settle for a less attractive, less powerful option? Storytelling is one of the most potent ways to engage customers, and video enables that like no other medium – short of being in the room with them.

Of course, there will always be a place for text in the business world, just as there is still a market for broadcast radio long after video (starting with television) supplanted its primacy. Another example: there is a strong use case for PCs in business, despite the rise of the smartphone for so many forms of communication, reference and management.

But for some applications, the smartphone has fully replaced the PC. Likewise, as consumer habits evolve, video is now coming into its own for “real” communication uses. I think Facebook’s assertion makes perfect sense.

We’ve all seen that what happens with Facebook soon bleeds into employee behaviors and expectations.

  • Is your company ready for all-video business processes?
  • Is your social business infrastructure fully video-enabled?
  • Is your video content managed like the rest of your enterprise content?

Organizations need to keep their eyes wide open as the video revolution accelerates.