In their “Research Globe for Enterprise Video, 2016” Aragon Research founder, CEO and lead analyst Jim Lundy says that the ease of capturing and creating video coupled with increased demand from employees who are used to seeing video in their daily lives, is a major factor fueling the growth of enterprise video. As video use continues to expand in the enterprise, it’s paramount that companies be able to bring all of their video assets, from produced studio videos to webcast presentations to recorded meetings from Unified Communications tools all under one roof. This ensures that all of a company’s video assets are secure, easily searchable and able to be distributed to any audience without taking a toll on network performance.

That’s why Aragon named Qumu a leader for the third year in a row in their Research Globe report. “(Qumu) has also expanded its SIP integration to work more closely with video conferencing gateways, such as Pexip, to easily enable the capture, archive of, and distribution of video calls,” Lundy writes in the report. At Qumu, we know video doesn’t come from just one place. Increasingly, we’re seeing our customers creating video everywhere from the studio to their smartphones and beyond. That’s why it’s critical that an enterprise video platform is able to ingest all of that video content and keep it organized and ready to view anywhere, any time.

Additionally, Aragon cited our full cloud and hybrid cloud offerings, strength in search, video editing, integrations with everything from marketing automation tools to Unified Communications, and deep, real-time analytics as reasons why they named us a leader. It has always been at the core of Qumu’s mission to offer the most fully-featured enterprise video platform so businesses are prepared to use video any way they see fit. But don’t just take our word for it.

Check out the Aragon Research Globe for Enterprise Video, 2016