Business runs on productivity. Productivity is increased by access to knowledge and collaboration among team members. The “how” of increasing knowledge access and collaboration may seem tricky, but, according to a recent survey by TechTarget of IT professionals, many businesses are looking to video to give their business’ productivity a boost.

In the survey, 82% of respondents cited “improving corporate collaboration” as the top driver for implementing video within their organization. Video is an ideal medium in which to collaborate. By including voice, visual and textual elements, video is the most efficient way to share information quickly in an easily-digestible format.

However, collaboration often works best in real-time, which is why many of the same organizations have invested in Unified Communications (UC) to give their employees tools to easily share and inform in real time. In the same TechTarget survey, 59% of respondents said sharing information was driving the implementation of UC in their organization, and 49% said faster access to co-workers.

By combining both UC and enterprise video solutions you can create a powerful collaboration tool that enables users to both work in real time as well as record those sessions and share them with fellow team members and partners who were unable to attend. Knowledge-sharing and collaboration are becoming more sophisticated as the world of business continues to grow and include team members who are not only across the room but also working from remote locations or in branch offices in other states, time zones or even countries.

In fact, in addition to enhancing collaboration, 54% of respondents said travel reduction was a major factor driving the implementation of video in their business. Combine that with 62% who said cost savings were a crucial benefit of UC and you can see that video and UC don’t just offer “soft” benefits to your organization but also have a major impact on your bottom line.

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