We’ve been in the enterprise video space for a decade and we’ve developed a keen eye for the trends and technology shifts that will influence communication. In our new Technology Innovators Series, we are discussing how businesses can use cutting-edge video technology to connect and engage with employees, partners and customers.

Video has taken over on social. On Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and beyond, users are clamoring for more video and more video functionality. In the last year, Mark Zuckerberg has stated that by 2020, Facebook would be “mostly video,” introduced new functionality like 360 Degree video, and most recently, introduced live streaming capabilities for anyone on Facebook. Qumu’s VP of Strategic Initiatives, John Greenstein, discusses how Employee Generated Content (EGC) is taking an ever more critical role in the social business’ collaboration and communications strategy and how some of the world’s leading organizations are taking advantage of social and EGC to stay ahead of the curve.


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