10 of the top 15 US companies by revenue get over 40% of their revenue from overseas. That means having offices that are distributed not just across the country, but across the globe. And with globally distributed audiences comes complications to communication.

As we’ve mentioned before, 90% of companies interviewed in a recent survey were using Unified Communications (UC) solutions with video for internal meetings. On top of that, 80% are using more than one solution for UC within their organization. Those businesses who stay on the cutting edge of communications strategy have started to use enterprise video solutions to record, manage and search videos of these internal meetings in a centralized video hub.

With broadening global footprints and the need to communicate across both time zones as well as language barriers, it’s critical to find ways to bring distributed teams together better.

In the third installment of our Unified Communications and Enterprise Video Best Practices Guide, we’ll show you how UC and enterprise video can help connect employees across the globe and reach them in whatever environment suits them the best so collaboration can thrive.