You can’t stay a top-ranked global business school without keeping a keen eye on how to use technology to give your students the best possible education.  By delivering a superior learning experience to their students through a proprietary iPad app, IMD has long been at the forefront of using technology in the field of business education.

When they began using video to augment their classes, they created just a few, mostly keynote addresses for the widest possible audience at the school. However, after seeing significant positive response from their viewers, they were encouraged to create more videos, from classroom recordings to informational updates.

But there was just one problem.

It became almost immediately clear that managing and delivering the videos ad hoc wasn’t going to work for the amount, frequency and quality of video they wanted to create. So the team at IMD went in search of a solution that would both integrate seamlessly with their iPad app while adding significant video functionality to the front end and handling upload, management and delivery from the back end.

Find out how IMD and Qumu worked together to create an innovative solution that connects thousands of students to some of the world’s foremost business leaders with the click of a button.