Finance_0316Financial services organizations operate in fast-paced and complex environments. In order to keep up with the speed of the market, as well as to respond to increasing client demands for transparency, financial services groups have increasingly turned to video as a medium to quickly but personably convey information through rich presentations.

As a leader in the enterprise video industry, Qumu has been working with some of the world’s leading financial institutions for years to help them stay at the cutting edge of communications with video. In fact, 12 of the 50 largest financial services institutions are using Qumu solutions to power their communications strategies in 2016.

Inside the Financial Institution

Employees in financial services organizations rely on timely and up-to-date information to provide the best possible service to both their clients and colleagues internally. With offices and branches spread across multiple time-zones and locations, providing access to the right information at the exact moment it is needed is crucial to the success of the organization.

Video is ideal for creating and delivering timely information to large and disparate groups of people. With both visual and audio elements, video enables companies to clearly communicate complex ideas. Modern enterprise video technology also makes it possible for employees to receive consistent and accurate information, reducing the risk of messages being lost in transit or interpreted differently.

Financial institutions can deploy video in a wide range of scenarios to both increase the knowledge and skills of their employees, empowering them to perform their roles. Enterprise video technology gives employees access to a library of informative content, communicating up-to-date information on-demand to suit their current needs.

Rules and Regulations

Financial services professionals work in a heavily regulated and challenging sector; compliance guidelines are constantly changing and products upgraded. Employees have to quickly learn valuable skills to gain experience. Thanks to enterprise video, knowledge and know-how can be easily shared amongst team of employees, but also retained within the business when someone for instance leaves for pastures new. Videos can easily be made and distributed, sharing valuable knowledge and insight.

Additionally, enterprise video platforms provide a range of high-grade security options, from SSO to SAML to DRM and even timed viewing settings for offline audiences. Robust security parameters ensure that video is not only the most efficient form of communication for sensitive information, but also the most secure.

Connecting to the Client

Beyond internal employee engagement and communication, video is an ideal tool to connect with clients. Financial institutions all over the world are giving their brokers and account executives the ability to create and share videos with clients and prospects. Creating compelling market briefs once took several days and had to be sent in long PDFs or through the mail. This process now takes less than an hour and can be shared via url or embedded video immediately.

This type of immediacy and clarity was once unheard of in the financial sector between clients and brokers. Now some companies are making hundreds of videos a month and creating deeper and stronger bonds between their organizations and the clients they serve.

With a secure and robust enterprise video platform, financial services organizations have the means to deliver powerful and effective communications to everyone across their internal and external networks and extend the knowledge and capabilities of their employees. In an age when clarity of communication is key, the ability to disseminate information to your entire workforce and client base is clear competitive advantage.