In a recent internal survey, one of our customers, a global, Fortune 100 company, told us that they were doing 40,000 video calls a week.

You read that right. 40,000 video calls a week.

That’s a pretty staggering number. Whether it’s between coworkers who are in the same building or a meeting bringing together team members from across the globe, UC video calls are responsible for sharing a tremendous amount of information.

According to a recent report 90% of companies are using UC solutions with video for internal meetings. In that same report, 50% of businesses believe that video adoption will grow by over 50% in the next 2 years. However 75% of businesses are not tracking UC or video collaboration with metrics after the fact.

This means many businesses using UC for video and rich content sharing are not considering the value UC can have beyond being just a glorified telephone call.  Some of the world’s leading organizations are staying ahead of the curve by learning how to record and leverage their UC conversations to retain knowledge and give employees greater access to information across the globe.

Is your business using UC and video? Do you want to get more out of your existing UC investment?