After several CEO webcasts had failed under the strain of a global audience, a major medical technology company knew they needed a solution with the power to handle thousands of viewers in a variety of locations on any connection and device. When Qumu arrived to deliver a proof of concept the company worked with a third party web and load testing tool that simulated thousands of simultaneous viewers. This was a simple and straightforward way to show that Qumu’s VideoNet Edge devices combined with the Pathfinder video optimization software can handle even the largest audiences seamlessly.

Once the decision had been made, the Qumu team got to work. Starting in the second week of December, Qumu engineers and professional services team members installed the Qumu solution at the company’s headquarters in the US as well as branch offices in the US and EMEA. In addition, Qumu Professional Services held educational sessions with the company’s comms team to get them ready for the first quarterly update of the year on February 2nd.

As the webcast began, a Qumu sales engineer and the company’s internal video engineer watched the live reporting and monitoring interface. The number of concurrent live viewers climbed past the 1,000 mark. The internal video engineer told Qumu’s sales engineer, “This is where our legacy solution always fell apart.”

The same could not be said for Qumu.

Owing to the strength of 55 globally deployed VideoNet Edge devices as well as live encoding through Qumu Capture Studio and the Elemental-integrated Live Encoder, they were able to broadcast 13 terabytes to 3,724 viewers across the United States and EMEA without a single hiccup.

All enterprise platforms are not created equal. If your business needs to deliver quality video live and on demand to viewers not just in the office but across the country and the globe, give us a call and let us show you how Qumu carries the load.