In a recent survey by Wainhouse Research, 1,512 executives were polled on the importance of transcoding when it came to purchasing streaming technology. In businesses that are producing more than 100 events a year, 64% of executives marked that transcoding was “very important” and 12% said they would not deploy a solution without transcoding capabilities. Overall, three quarters of executives who are actively using video in their organization know the importance of transcoding when it comes to live video.

If you’re not familiar, transcoding is the process of transforming digital files from one video format into multiple digital formats. This allows users on a wide array of devices, from smartphones to tablets to laptops and desktops, to get the best viewing experience possible when watching a live or on-demand video.

As businesses move from doing just a few video events a year to creating hundreds of videos both live and on-demand, the need for premium video processing including encoding and transcoding video, has become one of the most important factors to deliver quality video to audiences both local and global.

Recently we sat down with Wainhouse and our video processing partner, Elemental, to discuss the trends that are influencing transcoding and enterprise video streaming. Hear from the experts on how enterprise video and transcoding are transforming the way businesses communicate.