For organizations that run large-scale infrastructures to virtualize their desktop and application environments, adding value for users while streamlining operations is imperative. On the one hand, desktop and mobile users must be provided with high performance applications within their virtualized environments to best support their roles; on the other, those applications and services must be rolled out and managed with the least amount of cost and operational complexity.

At the same time, businesses are seeing the tremendous value of delivering video, from webcasts to on demand, to their employees on a weekly and even daily basis. Due to large filesizes and other complexities involved with video delivery, however, it has been difficult to bring this immensely powerful tool into the world of virtualized desktops and environments.

Citrix has created industry-leading virtualization solutions that many of the world’s leading organizations use to bring secure, high-performance virtual environments to their employees the world over. Now, Citrix and Qumu have worked together to craft a streamlined solution, enabling quality video delivery to any endpoint in the Citrix environment.

Earlier this year, Qumu announced its Video Optimization Pack (VOP) for Citrix, a unique combination of Qumu’s leading video content management and delivery platform with software to ensure optimized video performance for Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp users.

The VOP works with Qumu’s Pathfinder video delivery management engine to overcome issues that exist for video as a result of virtualization. Further, the VOP enables thin client desktops to receive high performance video as well, and with Qumu’s delivery integration with CloudBridge and its XenMobile integration, Citrix customers can leverage their investments without settling for subpar video.

Citrix has also made investments to simplify infrastructure deployment and operations for its own and partner products through its Citrix Lifecycle Management (CLM) blueprints. These are used to deploy Citrix facilities in a scripted fashion and to maintain common builds for customers’ virtual infrastructures. Citrix certifies its partners to provide their products within these blueprints, and Qumu is pleased that our Qumu VOP capabilities are certified as part of the XLM program, making it easier for customers to deploy and manage Citrix and Qumu solutions together.

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